1111 Denver Architecture Tours - Denver, CO
denverarchitecturetours provides a guided walking tour through downtown Denver that explores the history of this unique western city through architecture and design.

denverarchitecturetours is committed to providing accurate and historically significant information. This commitment means that denverarchitecturetours guarantees your tour guide will have a formal education in architecture and/or design so that your tour is educational, enjoyable, and interesting. Every tour will be different so, please, do not hesitate to ask your guide questions regarding your particular interests.

denverarchitecturetours is a 2-hour guided tour that covers approximately 2.1 miles through historic downtown Denver. This tour explores western history, the original settlements of Denver, the historic events that changed Denver, the dynamic city as it exists today, and provides a unique outdoor experience on a beautiful Denver afternoon in the city. The tour guide will be knowledgeable regarding current local events and entertainment opportunities and can recommend anything from a local wine shop to a great place for breakfast.

Plan on wearing comfortable walking shoes and weather appropriate outerwear. Depending on the energy of the group and the weather conditions, the guide may choose to utilize the free 16th Street Mall shuttle in order to make the tour more comfortable for participants.

The 2 hour tours begin at 1:00 pm.

Tours will meet in the plaza between the Denver Public Library and the Denver Art Museum at the Mark di Suvero sculpture pictured below. In the event of a festival or parade that makes this destination inconvenient, you will be notified at time of ticket purchase of an alternate meeting place.

How much
Adult tickets are $20. Tickets for children 8-14 are $12. Children under 8 are free.

Tickets coming soon.