1111 Denver Architecture Tours - Denver, CO
Do I need a reservation?
Yes. Tickets are available online only and cash is not accepted at this time.

What is the cost?
The cost is $20 per person. $12 for children 8-14. Children under 8 are free.

Is the tour appropriate for my children?
Sometimes children make the tour better. They identify interesting aspects of the buildings, inquire about issues that adults are too inhibited to ask, and bring energy and curiosity to the group. Children are always welcome and included yet, on occasion, even young adults are bored from the historical content provided. Parents know their children best and denverarchitecturetours defers to their judgment regarding this issue. There is some content regarding brothels and if you do not want your children exposed to such historical events, this is not the tour for your family. While there are some stairs, strollers can be accommodated with a little team work.

What if it is cold/raining?
There is a saying in Denver: If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes!. The weather in Denver can change very quickly. Please be prepared for these changes by bringing warm weather or wet weather appropriate clothing if necessary. Tours will be canceled in the most severe weather (blizzards and hail storms) and ticket cost will be refunded.

How long does the tour last?
The tour will last approximately 2 hours depending on questions, additional interests, the traffic encountered, and the speed of the group.

Will we end at our starting point?
We do not complete the tour at the original starting point but will finish on the 16th Street Mall shuttle which provides a free shuttle service. By the end of the tour, you will be familiar with 16th Street and the shuttle and will be able to navigate downtown with ease.

Will there be restrooms?
There are no public restrooms along the tour. There are a number of retail establishments along the tour that have restrooms but you may need to make a purchase depending on each establishment's policies.

Do I need to be a good walker?
Yes. There are no hills or difficult sections of the walk but you must be comfortable on your feet for a period of 2 hours and be comfortable walking briskly at times.

How should I dress?
Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes for walking and standing. Dress in weather appropriate clothing with layers so that you can remove or add clothing as the temperature is likely to fluctuate. Most importantly, try not to come with heavy packages or bags that will make your tour less enjoyable.

What if I am late to the tour?
The tour begins in a plaza surrounded by several significant buildings. The tour guide will begin discussing these buildings promptly at 1:00pm but the tour will not leave this first location for several minutes. After the tours departure, you may be able to locate the tour moving towards downtown and locate the guide by their denverarchitecturetours shirt. You may introduce yourself and join at any time. It is recommended that you arrive 10 minutes early to meet with your guide.

Are there places to park?
Yes. There are many parking areas for a fee in the area. Metered parking on Sundays is free. denverarchitecturetours is a proponent of green, urban living and always recommends public transportation. Please try the Denver RTD trip finder to see if this is a possibility for your particular travel needs.

Is it appropriate to bring my well behaved dog on the tour?
Yes. Dogs that are comfortable in crowds, in the city, and with children may attend. Bringing your pet may prevent you from entering some lobbies and interior spaces.

May I schedule a private tour?
Yes. You or your group may arrange for a private tour by emailing info@denverarchitours.com