1111 Denver Architecture Tours - Denver, CO
Owner Nadia Pidgeon completed her undergraduate and graduate work at the Savannah College of Art and Design in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design. She studied at all three of the college's campuses including the location in Lacoste, France. Nadia studied urban design and architectural history throughout Italy as well as in one of the most historically significant US cities for urban design, Savannah, GA.

Nadia's thesis focused on the irrelevance of style in the modern era and presented a position that great architecture responds to a people, a place, and a time. After relocating to Denver, she identified the city to be unique in that buildings from each stylistic period have been preserved in close proximity, each telling a story of a unique people, a unique place, and a unique time and found it easy to read Denver's western history through the urban fabric.

Many of her friends and acquaintances, some natives to Denver, were unaware of the rich treasure in Denver's downtown area. Nadia recognized a need for a vehicle by which to share this unique and rich history so denverarchitecturetours was born.